Dominie Dunbrook, LEADER Scheme Manager, Somerset Levels and Moors

“The guides of Somerset Matt produced in 2013 are fantastic, and are still being widely used today.  It was great to work with someone with a combination of expert knowledge and enthusiasm, with a quality product being the end result.”

Angela Kerr, Chief Executive, ViSTA

“We invited Matt to project manage the development of an online information portal. Matt was really easy to work with and helped us to create the brief for his work ensuring that all aspects of the development were addressed. Matt delivered the project on time and we were delighted with the outcome.”

Charles Wood, Vision for Frome

“As Chairman of Vision for Frome, and Frome’s representative on the Somerset Towns Forum, and previously a Board member of the Voluntary Sector Partnership for Somerset, I have had the pleasure of frequently working with Matt.  Professional and helpful at all times, his contribution to the STF and the VSP activities contributed substantially to the many if not most of their successful outcomes.

His knowledge and advice on community engagement, not least on the establishment of productive Town Partnerships, has been much appreciated in Frome.  I am pleased that he is still assisting in the current reduced STF activity, and I am sure any work provided by Matt elsewhere will always be to the same high standard.” 

Graham Sizer, Minehead Development Trust & Chamber of Commerce

“Somerset Towns Forum with Matt at the helm always sat high on my list of organisations to work with. We are very much out on a limb here in West Somerset – the only contacts we have outside our local two tier Councils to get things done has been STF.

Matt always made us feel welcome and included. There was no other platform where real Community people could feel comfortable sharing initiatives and picking up tips and not have to do it in Council “talk”.

Matt was hands-on and always sent me home with renewed confidence and enthusiasm. He always came over as a friend rather than just a facilitator, and that really worked with everyone.”


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