Community Planning & Consultations

Please note, I now undertake this type of work for the Community Council for Somerset.

Support for communities to plan their futures and consult on key issues. 

I have a long track record of supporting community planning, starting in 2005 with a market town and three large villages undertaking the Market & Coastal Towns Initiative (MCTi) and Parish Planning respectively. I advised three other towns on the process while working for Somerset Towns Forum.

Planning and delivering a community planning process requires a mix of pragmatic planning, research,  negotiation, facilitation, PR and reviewing/editing skills.

My work on Neighbourhood Plans involves explaining and guiding NP groups through the initial stages, the community consultation phase, consulting with businesses, identifying objectives, supporting Steering Groups and managing communications. I work with Planning Consultants to write policies and undertake SA/SEA’s.

The need remains in many communities to identify priority issues and devise solutions. IMG_0612 Some towns are starting to use the other new powers in the Localism Act, and consultation can be a key element of these.

Modelmaking and exhibition graphics are services I can provide for community consultations, whether related to community or neighbourhood planning or not.

If your community needs professional help to plan for the future, talk to me.

Recent Projects

Wincanton Neighbourhood Plan – Community Consultation  IMG_0615I am supporting the Steering Group in this phase, which has included reviewing recent consultations, organising an event, and refining the NP’s objectives. Also managing communications.

Wincanton Neighbourhood Plan – Business Consultation An online & paper survey of 200 businesses in Wincanton, to identify premises & site needs and wider issues. This then fed into the town’s Neighbourhood Plan, and was used by the Chamber and Town Council.

Shepton Mallet Neighbourhood Plan Support and research during the consultation phase of Shepton’s NP. Organised three events and a workshop to identify issues and solutions.

Talk to me about how I can create a bespoke community planning or engagement solution for your needs.